This coming week, I will be turning 44 years old. I have always hated celebrating birthdays – whether it’s my deep-rooted anxiety about getting older, or perhaps it’s my introvertedness and never wanting to be the center of attention – but I will say, this one does not seem so bad. I am usually a roller-coaster of emotions, so tomorrow (or this afternoon) I may feel differently; but right now, in this moment, I have to say I feel rather accepting (almost welcoming) of it.

Where am I at in my life? Married to a beautiful woman and I have two bright, talented boys. I have a job that surrounds me with incredible co-workers, affords me time with my family, and provides me a solid paycheck. Other than some steady hairloss, I am overall pretty healthy and have high aspirations to get into better shape still. I have personal and professional growth opportunities that make the coming year an exciting one for me.

Adulting is stressful and hard. We have bills (and very soon, taxes) to pay and self-care to maintain. We have young people to raise and elderly parents to care for. We have a tremendous number of responsibilities to balance on our plate every day.

What I have found helps my mental health the most is taking care of my physical health. I am starting to control my diet more regularly, take the daily vitamins and supplements my doctor recommends, exercise as often as I can (at least 3-4x weekly), and sleep about 7-8 hours a night.

I think personal development is also critical to help minimize stress. We have to keep growing as individuals and developing new skills. I read blogs daily and am currently on the book “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko. While I don’t have much in the way of hobbies and interests; I get on the tennis court with my kids every chance I get, I try and do an early-morning coffee run with some friends once a month, and my boys and I love playing NHL 23 (Go Knights Go!) on the PS5 together.

While I think its significantly important for people to set goals, I’ll admit I never was very good at it. I encourage my kids to do it all the time; whether it be the grades they want to achieve in school this semester, how many songs they want to learn on the piano this month, etc.. For me, my career goals would basically be to finally open my own practice. I am terrified of having to deal with staffing issues, payroll and HR responsibilities, worrying about supply costs, complying with sterilization standards – basically everything I have been blissfully oblivious to these past nine years that have been somebody else’s concern. What I am learning though, is getting out of that comfort zone mentality and taking on risk is really what makes life worth living.

You made it through another day
You did it, let’s celebrate 


We have such little time here on Earth. I think as I get older, I think I am coming to realize, don’t sweat the small stuff. Find the people in your life you enjoy keeping company with, set some goals and work arduously towards achieving them, be sure to count your blessings – life is too short! I just wanted to throw a post out there today, sorry if it came off as random. I’ll hopefully be writing again real soon to give updates on my Exercise Expedition as well as sharing some exciting career news! Until then, enjoy your day and thank you for visiting this post!

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